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Search & Rescue

Boys Programme

Readers are Leaders

Due to the recruitment of young vulnerable boys to join gangs in a very volatile area of Lavender Hill, the Search and Rescue initiative was birthed.

SKKA search and rescue programme is designed around restoration of the broken, vulnerable boy child.  It involves searching for the boy child where the father is absent to cast vision, protect and provide for the child.

This programme takes place on Mondays and Wednesday afternoon for 2 hours per session.

The pilot project was rolled out at the beginning of June with loads of positive feedback from the boys as well as facilitators.

The programme facilitators are young men who have overcome adversity and able to relate to the experience of the young child.

The programme support the boy child with the following:

  • Homework

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Fun and games

  • Sporting activities

  • Music teaching and instrument playing

  • Mentoring and coaching

  • Counselling

  • Feeding

  • Character building


Healing through Art

This programme gives the learner the opportunity to engage with various multimedia to stimulate and enhance the inherent creativity. The vulnerable kids have huge challenges on a daily basis, facing obstacles and grow up far too quickly. Not all children can articulate their feelings. Our children are wounded and abuse and need positive means of expressing themselves in a safe, secure space by willing and able individuals.

Healing through Music

Music is a universal language and loved by most. Music works very with children.
Music also helps children with maths and has an array of positive influence on the child.
We teach children to read music notes and play a musical instrument of choice.

Music kids.jpg

Job creation & Skills training project

SKKA also reaches out to the parents of the children in the community by teaching ladies how to bead and sew.
The ladies are able to perform these tasks from their homes, takes care of the little ones at home as well as earning some money whilst learning a new skill. The ladies have successfully completed a 6000 beaded swing tags for a partner creative organisation.

Sewing Project

SKKA has been successful in closing a deal to manufacture 90 shwe- shwe bags. The ladies will be taught how to make the bag, sew and maintain good product quality.


Ladies support programme

Many mother has lost loved ones due to the ongoing gang violence in Lavender Hill.

SKKA has partnered with Moms for Justice from Hanover Park to start a ladies support group, to allow mothers to talk through their experience and find comfort knowing that she is supported by her sisters.

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